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Visions and Values

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Throughout the scriptures we read of great visions given by God to teach, warn and direct His people.  Clearly the power of heavenly imagery combined with the Spirit leaves a lasting impression.  The amazing stories from the scriptures are also marvelous in their power to teach by example and warning.  As a parent and grandparent I would love to call down visions for my children to be taught by.  Alas thus far, it has not been within my power to do so.

But there IS a way,  that I can provide heavenly imagery for my family!  Inspirational art that celebrates the divine can become in effect,  'Silent Sermons'  for my loved ones.  Framed art strategically placed,  is like having  'Visions'  available to my family.  In this way I can affect the spiritual barometer of my home in a quiet way.  I call it 'Celestial Advertising'.  

It is true that we cannot control society's declining standards, fashions and religious acumen.  But within the walls of our own homes,  we can provide opportunities to be inspired and edified.  This is what  GoodNewsArt  is all about.  Our mission is to find  remarkably talented artists,  who beautifully depict timeless heavenly stories from the scriptures -and- to make those images available to all the world.  Without question the most important subject in our collection is the Life, Ministry and Teachings of Jesus Christ.

Our hope as you browse our collection, is that you find affordable inspirational images that will inspire, uplift, motivate and strengthen your family.  Perhaps you can find Visions & Values to grace your walls for generations.

We welcome your feedback and suggestions.


Greg Stroud

Director of Marketing 


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